Apple vs Microsoft

The 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro is the best MacBook if you do a lot of photo or video editing; its high-gamut screen is incredibly color accurate, and its processor is more powerful than the 13-inch MacBook Pro’s. So, I should mention first that I do own a iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Right now I’m trying to decide between a windows laptop or a MacBook. I do like MS services like, one drive,and I was starting to use the calendar service more. But a MacBook might go better with the apple devices I have.

Apple recently gave the MacBook Air a tiny increase in processor frequency, but that was it. If you want something more modern, you’ll need to look at the MacBook or MacBook Pro. Otherwise, for most people looking for an inexpensive Mac for college, the 13-inch MacBook Air remains the best bet.

If you’re young, a Mac user, or not particularly technical, that might not mean much. Drivers are the small pieces of software that tell the operating system how to work with hardware, from complex components like graphics cards to simple accessories like this mouse. But the necessity, or not, of drivers for accessories was a big part of that competitive push by Apple, which made a point of ensuring out-of-the-box support for many of the most commonly used peripherals like printers, cameras and mice. When Steve Jobs said it just works”, this is the sort of thing he was referring to: the ability to plug in a mouse and have it Just Work.

Buy a PC, set it up, and have someone send you a PDF. Good l luck, you may have Adobe PDF reader built in as part of a bundle, or maybe you dont. Mac has built in PDF support. Not only reading PDFs, but anything you have, a photo, a document, can be made INTO a PDF by using print menu. Print, and choose MAIL PDF, MAKE PDF, or a host of other choices.

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